Cable pull scrapers

For base and floating scum removal in longitudinal tanks


  • Tanks can be covered (no odour emission)
  • No electricity in areas in contact with water
  • Base and floating scum drainage can be positioned at different points on the front side
  • No electrical lift drive for base and floating scum scraper
  • Hoisting drum drive outwith tank – ensures easy maintenance

The carriage beam with running and guide wheels runs along the rails installed in the tank or tank wall. The scraper device is driven via a geared motor with wire drive outside the tank.

The base and/or floating scum scrapers are lifted and lowered by a mechanism on the lower guide rail. Reversing is activated through proximity sensors positioned at the ends of the tank. The cable drive is protected by torque control.

Simple retrofitting

In light of the free choice of floating scum drain, old bridges in old tanks with longitudinal scrapers can easily be replaced by cable pull scrapers.

A cover can be installed, for instance on the guide rails.

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