Automatic cleaning device for clear water drainpipes

The brush carriage sits below the bridge and is therefore optimally directed towards the drainpipes arranged in a star shape facing the middle of the tank.

The brush carriage can be positioned over the drainpipes using the switch lug assembled on the side of the tank, and a cleaning process is activated.

For maintenance purposes and brush replacement, the brush carriage can easily be lifted onto the bridge.

Technical Summary

Pipe cleaning device with a brush carriage and rigid brushes for the motorised cleaning of extraction inlets on clear water drainpipes.

  • Compensates installation of star-shaped drainpipes through hanging rail construction
  • Drive 0.37 kW 
  • Material steel components 1.4301, in underwater area 1.4571 
  • Drive with brush can be lifted up to the bridge for maintenance purposes 
  • Brush with wear-resistant Brasif bristles, brushes can be replaced
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